Story of a Concept

A shiny and curved shape design

Design and furnishing for a national brand: Antonelle, women ready to wear store

Thanks to its renown on the market and several successful joint efforts, the design office in charge of Antonelle store’s layout relies upon SOFADI brand.

Antonelle is a national brand specialized in ready to wear fashion, for stylish, trendy and active women: founded in 1988, brand owns more than 100 stores, especially this shop in the heart of Rennes town.

An attractive look thanks to Ellipsys® 1

Rennes shop wished a product and merchandising enhancement, by a various and complete accessories range (on time displays, straight and bent arms, shelf brackets, clothes rail).

SOFADI’s team in association with Antonelle’s design office headed their choice for Ellipsys® 1 on socket range: an attractive look combined with the high-quality of these ready to wear fashion stores network.

For what result?

This new design and furnishing brings to the store a modern and efficient clothes display. The modular aspect of this range enables easy and quick fashion collection changes.

Ellipsys® concept has been chosen for every Antonelle stores. Nowadays, nearly twenty shops have been new-looked.

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