The Designer's note

Loft story

The material is an integral part of the designer’s job, it makes the objects talk, it gives birth to the creator’s project.

The LOFT concept results from a wish to magnify the rough beauty of brushed stainless steel. The pure lines and the brushed smoothness mix with the visible welds evidencing the precise action of the welder and the craftsmanlike quality of his work.

I have imagined the LOFT concept as a subtle mix of functionality, ergonomics and beauty. I thought it essential to take into consideration the needs of the fitter, of the point-of-sales manager and of the consumer. I have attached a great importance to facility of installation and modularity of the system. I have been as far as to imagine a recyclable, single-material packaging that contributes to the quickness of installation.

The result is a comprehensive range of matching products with a typical but unobtrusive look.

LOFT undoubtedly will highlight your ready-to-wear collection, be it dressy or casual.

Chloé Verneuil

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